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Freda Q.

The best Shanghai cuisine I have ever found around this area. All the cold disheses are my favourite, also the hot dishes and soups are very tasty exactly like those local restaurants in Shanghai. definitely will come back again and highly recommend to those who wanna try real authentic Shanghai food!

Kyle Jackson

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant. I live in Idaho. I had to stay at VA Hospital for a year. I would eat there often. Now I’m back in Idaho and can’t find good Chinese food like at Su Hong’s. The selection is big and the food delicious.

Chris Smith

The food here is pretty tasty, but I honestly do not think it is worth the price or the serving size. Plates were around $20 each! And they were the smallest sized “family style” servings too! I’d only come here if someone else was paying but definitely not on my own.

Paris Lohan

Last time I had chinese food it was little bit sweet. But they changed my opinon. They served me as I told the spicy food awsone taste. Great people to talk with. Definately going again when in Palo Alto. Never though it would change the whole taste of authentic chinese taste. Great food hands down.

Anna Monroe

Used to order Su Hong for pick up/delivery and they never disappointed. Our favorite was their Chinese chicken salad! Sooooo good!
Happy to hear that the placed reopened with a new name and new ownership (former Su Hong waiter). My coworkers and I will have to give it a try. See article for more information

Mary Hilton

Food was surprisingly good for a place that has 3 stars average. Didn’t go through the comments very clearly but it was fine! More than fun for several items. I liked the clay pot fried rice. I guess it’s called Shanghai fried rice. We also had cumin lamb. Flavorful and tender. Beef chow mein was enjoyable. The shanghai dumplings are strangely brown, from the soy sauce maybe. Didn’t try it since the kids had it all.